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Seller FAQ's

  • Where is the sale hosted?
    Woodhaven Reformed Church 3959 68th St SW Byron Center, MI 49315
  • What times should I be aware of?
    SELLER SET-UP: Thursday, 12:00pm - 5:00pm (set-up will be staggered - you will need to sign up for your desired set-up timeslot) PRE-SALE for club members, sellers & moms expecting multiples: Thursday 6:00pm - 9:00pm PUBLIC SALE: Friday - 9:00am - 7:00pm, Saturday - 9:00am - 1:00pm SALE TEAR-DOWN & SELLER PICK-UP OF UNSOLD ITEMS*: Saturday - 2:00pm - 3:00pm * If you are a seller and you do not pick-up your unsold items by 3:00 PM on Saturday, they will be donated to charity.
  • How do I sign-up to be a seller?
    All GRMOMS members whose membership dues are paid to date may be a seller as part of their paid dues. Simply email, stating your name, contact info and that you are a PAID club member who would like to be assigned a seller number. Your info will be verified and you’ll receive a seller number via email. Non-members who would like to sell may pay to become a “seller only” for $8.00 per sale. This includes anyone who would like to sell – friends, family, anyone interested in participating! A GRMOMS Membership Form and payment is required every time you’d like to sell. The Membership Form can be filled out here on the website. Be sure to indicate that you want to be a seller only. Once your form and payment are submitted, you will be contacted with your seller number via email. IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to sell, your membership/seller dues must be paid and form completed NO LATER than 10 days If you sold in the past and wish to sell again, please email to express your intent to sell at the upcoming sale and confirm your assigned seller number.
  • What supplies will I need?
    A seller number assigned by the GRMOMS (see 'How do I sign-up to be a seller' above). Large, yellow, perforated tags used by all sellers, a tagging gun and fasteners, and clothing hangers. Tags can be purchased from the GRMOMS for $1.00 per bundle of 90 tags. Contact Sara Bos-Bolek or Sara May to pick-up tags. Both may be contacted via Facebook. As an alternative, you may order a large box of tags directly from Store Supply Warehouse. Here is an example of a tagging gun bundle for sale on Amazon. Hangers for clothes Other helpful items you may need: pen or fine point permanent marker, safety pins, packing tape, zip ties, string, Ziploc bags.
  • What can I sell?
    We welcome you to sell household items, books, children’s toys, all size/age clothing*, shoes, accessories, and baked goods! *Seasonal items only (i.e. winter gear at the fall sale, summer gear at the spring sale).
  • How do I tag my items?
    All sellers must use the large, yellow, perforated tags identical to those issued by GRMOMS. You may attach tags with a pricing gun, safety pins, or zip ties to clothing and other soft items. Do NOT use staples. Please tag items in a place that will NOT damage the item. For example, tags should be attached to clothing via manufacturers label or in a seam. Please do NOT tag through the fabric where it will leave a hole – sellers do not want to buy damaged goods. If using TAPE for items such as books, DVDs, baby gear, household items, tape should ONLY be attached to the TOP HALF of the tag so cashiers can rip the bottom part of tag off at checkout. Tape should NOT be below the perforated line on the tag. All tags must have your assigned SELLER NUMBER and PRICE clearly written on both the TOP and BOTTOM parts of the perforated tag. (Size info will benefit you when hanging/sorting your items and for shoppers, but is not required for the sale.) Please use pen or permanent marker when filling out the tag information - DO NOT USE PENCIL. Print clearly. Each of these tags need to be hand-counted and calculated in order for you to be paid after the sale. Be sure to STAR items that you do NOT want sold for half price on the final day of the sale. Please star both the top and the bottom of the front side of the perforated tag. If you would like to put additional information (i.e. a personal tracking number/letter for your items) on your tags for personal reasons, please only use the back of the tag for this. Prices should not be changed on the tag if you change your price or make a mistake – you must use a new tag so we know it was the seller’s intended change. The club is NOT responsible for lost or missing information! All clothing must be hung, with the exception of small items such as baby hats, socks, etc. (see below). Bag smaller items such as socks, onesies, pajama sets, underwear, tights, etc. and place them on the tables designated for these types of items. Your bagged items must have the tag on the OUTSIDE OF THE BAG. Please pin or tape the top half of the tag to the bag so the bottom half is easy to tear off. It’s also recommended you tape the top of the bag shut with packing tape. If you use WIRE hangers, please safety-pin pants and skirts to top angled wires - not the bottom horizontal wire. This helps clothing stay on the hanger during the sale. Safety pins are also helpful for attaching bottoms to 2-piece outfits.
  • Since all clothing must be hanging, where do I find hangers?"
    Many sellers have had luck with Sheldon Cleaners and Old Navy. Some have also had luck with Carters and Kohl’s. You may consider contacting Meijer, Walmart, Target or other department/children’s stores. Craigslist and online garage sale pages are another great place to find free hangers. Ask your friends and family!
  • Do I need to set up my items?
    Yes, each seller is responsible for setting up their items. We have designated racks, tables and floor areas for different categories and sizes. We recommend sorting all clothing by children vs. adults, gender and size to help you during the set-up process. There will be a rack for matching/coordinating twin sets that you wish to sell together - however, it is not required.
  • How much should I charge for my items?
    Price your items as you see fit. However, all prices should be in $0.50 INCREMENTS. This is due to items being marked half off on Saturday. IF YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR ITEMS MARKED HALF-OFF ON SATURDAY, simply make a STAR on the front top AND bottom halves of the front side of the tag for the items you DO NOT want halfpriced. This should be done with a pen or permanent marker, so it cannot be erased.
  • Will there be a charity to pick up anything I am interested in donating after the sale is over?
    Yes – a charity selected by the GRMOMS will be receiving all sale items remaining after 2:00 PM on the final day of the sale. Tax deductible donation slips will be available. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are a seller and you do NOT want to donate your items, you must pick-up your remaining unsold items by 2:00 PM the final day of the sale. If you already know ahead of time that you want all of your remaining items donated, please let our sale team know.
  • What is the Thursday Pre-Sale all about?
    The PRE-SALE is for paid members of the GRMOMS, current sellers, and moms who are expecting multiples. The pre-sale is on Thursday evening from 6:00-9:00 PM. Member dues must be paid to date AND membership form completed by the Tuesday PRIOR TO the sale, in order to shop at the pre-sale. If you are eligible to attend the presale, you may bring up to ONE guest with you. Membership forms will also be available at the pre-sale if you are brand new to the club and decide to become a member that night. Please complete the membership form and have payment ready ahead of time and bring it with you. The pre-sale night is very busy and we’d hate for you to experience a shopping delay while completing the necessary paperwork!
  • How much do I get paid for my items that sell?
    Sellers earn 80% of sales if dues are paid-to-date AND you work at least one sale shift. Sellers earn 70% of sales if dues are paid-to-date AND you do NOT work a sale shift. Sellers earn 50% of sales if dues are paid-to-date AND you sign-up to work a sale shift, BUT DO NOT WORK YOUR SHIFT.
  • When/how do I get my money for the items I sold?
    Be sure to check-in at the tables on Thursday when you arrive for set-up. You will need to complete an envelope with your address and seller number, noting whether or not you want your tag stubs mailed back to you. Within 3 weeks of the sale ending, you will get a check in the mail for your total. NOTE: A fee is subtracted from your sales total to cover postage if you wish to receive your tag stubs returned to you.
  • How do I volunteer to work a shift?
    ALL club members and sellers are encouraged to volunteer! An online sign-up link will be available prior to the sale so you can sign-up for your preferred shift. Sign up early! You will receive confirmation of your spot once you successfully sign-up online. If would like to volunteer, please contact us via the GRMOMS Semi-Annual Sale Page on Facebook to inquire about available shifts.
  • Is there anything else that is needed at the sale?
    Baked goods and large plastic shopping bags are needed! Baked goods help raise extra funds for the club! Please package your baked goods for individual sale and mark them with a price of 25 or 50 cents (using stickers – no need to use the yellow perforated tags). These items can all be dropped off at the check-out table during the Thursday night set up. Whether you are selling or not, we can always use your help!

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The Club is not responsible for lost/stolen/misplaced items. All sales are final. Remember - the sale is only made possible due to participation from members and volunteers! Check the Facebook Page for upcoming sale dates and be sure to share with your friends and family!

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