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Member Testimonials

Here’s what some of our members (past and present) have shared about their experience with GRMOMS:

   It’s been an amazing experience to be a part of the club. I’ve met so many great women with whom we share our joys, struggles, questions and advice with. The Facebook group is loaded with information and I interact online with many moms daily. I love the Moms Night Out and going to club meetings. It’s been a pleasure to become an active part of the club and watching all these kiddos grow up!

Melissa H

   What I have loved most about the club are the connections I have made with other moms. I’ve built some great friendships and have had a place to open up and get support! I love the regular meetings and events. My entire family has also enjoyed being a part of the club and meeting other families with multiples. I am really thankful to be a member in this club!

Amanda R

   I joined the club when my twins were 8 months old, and I wish I’d joined sooner actually. The Facebook group is great for advice and experience, but the face-to-face meetings and connections are incomparable. The full access to the monthly meetings, monthly Moms Nights Out gatherings, family events, and couples outings are all great opportunities to establish those connections. There have been many times my fellow Moms of Multiples have been the experts, the therapy, the relatability, and the friendship that I’ve needed.  Having multiples is awesome!! It is an amazing experience, and so very special and unique. And with that comes a lot of work, and a lot of questions! If you’ve ever felt alone or misunderstood on your journey as a MoM, this club is for you.

Jessica B

   I decided to check out the club during my twin pregnancy and I’m so glad I did! I didn’t know how much I’d be able to participate right after my babies were born, but surprisingly I jumped right in and never looked back. It was an excellent reason to get out of the house, treat myself to some time without the kids, and surround myself with people who “get it” in-person. Somehow I didn’t feel like I quite fit with my other mom friends anymore – they just didn’t understand how different it is to have multiple children the exact same age. We go through the challenges and triumphs of motherhood times TWO (or three, four or more)! I have gained lifelong friendships and support through joining the club – even some of our husbands go out once a month. It’s amazing to see the children interact at club family events and I’ve shopped the club semi-annual sale for years to score some great deals (even before I had children). These women are all amazing in their own special way and I’m proud to call them my friends.

Janna S

   I enjoy being a member of the club for the camaraderie and the great, fun events which allow me and our twin girls to meet new people. But, in addition to the fun we have, I equally enjoy being a member since I know that my membership donation is going to support other moms of multiples in their time of need. I would highly recommend becoming a member!

Melissa P

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