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Our History

In 1970 when Carol Jones’ twins arrived, she found there was nowhere to turn for information or advice about multiple birth children. She felt she deeply needed camaraderie. She placed an ad in the local newspaper to find out if others felt the same way.

At the first meeting in August 1970 there were 8 women, by the end of the year 32 mothers were meeting monthly in each other’s homes to share experiences and offer support. The Grand Rapids Mothers of Twins Club became a viable entity to the community and soon had bylaws and membership. “Twice as Nice” was the chosen club name and they started publishing a monthly newsletter, which became affiliated with state and national organizations of Mothers of Twins Clubs to expand its access to data.

As membership increased, the club began meeting in larger quarters.  There were monthly speakers and inquiries from Michigan colleges who were interested in twin research projects. With growth also came the need for fundraising which included home-based businesses, grocery raffles, craft shows and club garage sales. In 1979 and 1991, cookbooks were compiled and sold. Community service was also a part of the club with beneficiaries such as local charities and needy families with multiples. Our group also contributed to the Zambian Missionary Mothers of Milk Fund and the Catherine Stuart Memorial Fund, which is a state organization charity.  Giving back to our community is still party of the club with a raffle at the Annual Holiday Party as well as a community project at our April meeting. 

Over the years, our events have become club tradition.  Some of the favorites include our Easter egg hunt, summer family picnic, family Christmas party, winter holiday party, semi-annual sale, and our multiples Q&A panel.  


In 2017 the club changed its name from Grand Rapids Mothers of Twins Club to Grand Rapids Mothers of Multiples to represent the support we provide to ALL mothers of multiples.  

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